Before choosing the product, you can consider the following inputs that may help you decide on the air-conditioner that best suits your requirements.

Size & capacity:

Size of the air conditioner that you select is the important part of the buying process.

Consider the following points-

If the AC has less tonnage, cooling inside the room will be insufficient and electricity will get wasted because you may need to run it on high all the time.

If the AC tonnage is high, you may need to switch it off regularly when you feel cold. Switching on & off will also lead to waste of energy.

The chart below may help you with making a good choose. However, the effect of cooling are subject to other factors such as air leakage through the window/doors, other equipments inside the room that generate heat, frequent opening of the window/door, radiation of heat from the ceiling/walls, etc.

Room Size (Sq ft) AC Tonnage
< 90 sq ft 0.8 ton
90 -125 1 ton
125-200 1.5 ton
>200 2 ton


Portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioners can be moved from room to room and use the same heat-exchange principles as built-in models. This means they can cool and dehumidify the air.



Window air conditioner:

Wall or window models can be installed in a window or an external wall.



Split system air conditioner:

Split ACs are generally used to cool one or more rooms, or an open-plan area. A compressor unit is installed outside and then one or two outlets are positioned indoors.




Indicative of the voltage stabilizer to be used:

Capacity of AC (ton) Stabilizer (KVA)
0.5~0.8 ton 2 KVA
1.0~1.2 ton 3 KVA
1.2~1.6 ton 4 KVA
2.0 ~2.5 ton 5 KVA
3 ton 6 KVA




Top freezer or bottom freezer?

The answer lies in your needs. In India we like to use fresh local produce more than frozen food. The latter is more for parties and for new couples who both work and don’t have time to cook. So for most households, it’s important to have the vegetables and daily items at accessible levels, without needing to stretch for them. That is why bottom freezers are getting popular here.


Once you have a fix on the dimensions and capacity, open the door and consider the features. The size of the vegetable tray is of course very important. Make sure it’s large.

Also consider that a lot of Indian households— especially joint families— have a mix of people who are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Unless you can buy a separate fridge for both, make sure there are separated spaces for meats and veggies.

The shelving should be adjustable. Additional features like reversible door and in-door water and ice dispenser are bonus.


There is a whole range of colors and finishes available today to match your taste. Before choosing the product, you could consider the colour and style scheme of your kitchen to help you decide the product that suits your aesthetic tastes.

Why energy efficient models & how to make out whether the model is energy efficient or not ?

Energy-efficient refrigerators will save you money on your electric bills in the long run because they cost less to operate.

Protection again voltage fluctuations:

Considering the voltage fluctuations in different parts of the country, it is important to ensure you have a well-protected fridge. External voltage stabilizer with low/high voltage cut off, refrigerators with built-in stabilizer and the new features like inverter technology, etc. will go a long way in extending the life of your fridge.