Before choosing the product, you could consider the following inputs and that may help you decide on the microwave that best suits your requirements.

Types of Microwaves that are available

Solo microwave or basic microwave

You can cook, heat food and defrost frozen food in this microwave. It has a low price.

Microwave with grill

Solo or basic microwave does not support the function of baking. But with the help of a grill microwave you can bake items similar to a conventional oven.

Microwave with both grill and convection

Convection microwave comes with an inbuilt fan which throws air to keep a balanced level of temperature inside. This provides uniform heat to the food being cooked in it. Convection microwave is also used to make food crispy.

How to select the size?

This depends on the number of family members and how often you use the microwave. In India a microwave is used more to help in cooking than to actually cook the food.

So for a family of 4 you can purchase 18-20 litre microwave. For each family member more than 4, you can increase microwave size by 2 litres per member.